There are various achievements that can be gained in the game.

Arcade Victory AchievementsEdit

These achievements are unlocked for beating the Arcade Mode with a certain character.

Character Achievement
Goop Transformed
Wabbit You Wascally Wabbit
Klio Zone Keeper
Fidlak Jatede Master of Magic
Color-Robo Taste the Rainbow
Spiffy Lean and Green
Bruce Blake Drill Sergeant
Jay Donovan Innocent
Bing Machinian Genius
Zookeeper Zane Animal Whisperer
Tawnya Martial Artist
Wally Jackson Awesome Aussie
Needleman Hellbent
King Grex Diabolical Dictator
Jack and Spooks The Bell Tolls For Thee
Ollie Creator
Dr. Derwiff Walking Tall
Mysterious Shadow Lord of All Darkness
Emperor Kranos Insane in the Membrain
Frogrump Bounty Hunter
Skin Daddy Then Who Wuz Phone?
Nantres Son of Herezor
Duke of Zorn Ruthless Ruler
Kappard River Demon
Elizabeth Bennett Heavenly Warrior
T.E.D. King of Toshiko
Gabriel Lupus Lycanthrope
Lee Hatake Brawling Legend
Every Character Arcade Master

Crash-Attack AchievementsEdit

These achievements are unlocked by performing Crash-Attacks with certain characters on certain stages.

Stage Character Achievement
Petunia Forest Goop Beast Mode
Mineshaft Bruce Blake Brutal Revenge
Partyopolis Spiffy Dancin' Dino
Stormrock City Klio Reincarnation
West Wing Jay Donovan Over Possessive
Zoo Zookeeper Zane Zoo Breakout
Obalon HQ Ollie Big Bad Monster
Mt. Sanskrit Fidlak Jatede Witchcraft
Chroma Industries Color-Robo Monochromatic Mess
Castle Siege Elizabeth Bennett God's Warrior
Museum Jack and Spooks Samhain Lives!
Bipolar Express Wabbit Super-Sayin'
Floating Skin Daddy Why?
Great Arch Gabriel Lupus Satanic
Dojo Lee Hatake The Chosen One Rises!

Match-Up AchievementsEdit

These achievements are unlocked by pitting certain characters against eachother in Duel Mode.

Character Character Achievement
Wabbit Wally Jackson Wabbit Season
Goop King Grex Arch-Nemesis
Color-Robo T.E.D. Robotic Rumble
Bruce Blake Emperor Kranos Cyborg Skirmish
Bing Fidlak Jatede Socially Awkward
Tawnya Gabriel Lupus Beauty and the Beast
Elizabeth Bennett Duke of Zorn Sword Play
Skin Daddy Needleman Dueling Dream Demons