Alternate Costumes are different skins and costumes for playable characters in Toshiko Crash-Up. Each character is able to unlock several different costumes in the game. Characters will also have alternate colors for their costumes, as well as having alternate colors for their normal looks.

Unlocked at Level 10Edit

Character Costume
Goop Monstrous Goop
Wabbit Carolina Carl
Klio Zone Armor
Fidlak Jatede Indos Armor
Color-Robo Broken Robo
Spiffy Party Fighter
Bruce Blake Wedding Tuxedo
Jay Donovan Hospital Gown
Bing Teslaflux Armor
Zookeeper Zane Scuba Gear
Tawnya Classic Tawnya
Wally Jackson Shirtless Wally
Needleman Needleman Doll
King Grex Minion Master
Jack and Spooks Pharaoh Jack
Ollie Dragon Suit
Dr. Derwiff Pilot Outfit
Mysterious Shadow Merchant
Emperor Kranos Dark Kranos
Frogrump Rave Costume
Skin Daddy Puppette
Nantres Knight Armor
Duke of Zorn Helmetless Duke
Kappard Kimono
Elizabeth Bennett Begger Dress
T.E.D. FPS Armor
Gabriel Lupus Lobo
Lee Hatake Fighter Lee

Unlocked at Level 25Edit

Character Costume
Goop Powerball Goop
Wabbit Wabbitman
Klio Mystical Klio
Fidlak Jatede Wizard Robe
Color-Robo Armored Robo
Spiffy Party Tux
Bruce Blake The Sentry
Jay Donovan Monster Disguise
Bing Cyborg Bing
Zookeeper Zane Entertainer
Tawnya Jungle Girl
Wally Jackson Soldier
Needleman Slaughterman
King Grex Wizard Disguise
Jack and Spooks Reaper Robes
Ollie Zombie Suit
Dr. Derwiff Closed Cockpit
Mysterious Shadow Dead Shadow
Emperor Kranos Shockbot Kranos
Frogrump Magma Armor
Skin Daddy Suicidal
Nantres Young Nantres
Duke of Zorn Caring Father
Kappard Sumo
Elizabeth Bennett Prisoner Smock
T.E.D. Super T.E.D.
Gabriel Lupus Vigilante
Lee Hatake Fallen Lee
Goop: Monstrous Goop | Powerball Goop
Klio: Zone Armor | Mystical Klio
Spiffy: Party Fighter | Party Tux
Jay Donovan: Hospital Gown | Monster Disguise
Tawnya: Classic Tawnya | Jungle Girl
Skin Daddy: Puppette | Suicidal
King Grex: Minion Master | Wizard Disguise
Emperor Kranos: Dark Kranos | Shockbot Kranos
Jack and Spooks: Pharaoh Jack | Reaper Robes
Ollie: Dragon Suit | Zombie Suit
Zookeeper Zane: Scuba Gear | Entertainer
Lee Hatake: Fighter Lee | Fallen Lee