Battle Mode is the main mode of the game. In Battle Mode, players can take on other players, online or offline. The various permuations that can be set are:

  • 1-On-3
  • 2-On-2
  • 2-On-1-On-1
  • 1-On-2
  • Free-for-All

In Battle Mode, each player is assigned a specific color.

  • Player 1 is Red
  • Player 2 is Yellow
  • Player 3 is Green
  • Player 4 is Blue.

However, in any type of team-based match-up, teams will be the same color.

Types of MatchesEdit


The basic match type. Players can decide how long the match will last. The player with the most kills when the time runs out wins the match.


Unlike Timed Matches, there is no time limit in a Stock Match. Players decide how many lives each character has, and getting killed causes you to lose a life. If a player loses all of their lives, they are disqualified from the match. The last player standing wins the match.


In a Reverse-Stock Match, players can set a goal number, and the first player to reach that number of kills wins the match.