Beast Goop
Unofficial Art
Used By Goop
Duration 13 Seconds
Beast Goop is a special transformation used by Goop in the Goop's World franchise, and it serves as his Crash-Attack in Toshiko Crash-Up. Goop collects all of the Magic Opals and transforms into an enormous, 25-foot beast that takes up a decent proportion of the screen. Once the introduction cinematic ends, Goop can go on a rampage around the stage for 13 seconds. The downside to Beast Goop is his speed; being so large, Goop moves pretty slowly in the Beast form.

Goop's moveset changes during the attack. The Red Button will cause Goop to use a Beast Stomp attack, crushing opponents underfoot. The Yellow Button will cause Goop to use a Sonic Roar attack, which kills any opponents above Goop. The Green Button will cause Goop to use a Beast Punch attack, which has a rather large range in front of Goop.


  • Beast Stomp (Red)
  • Sonic Roar (Yellow)
  • Beast Punch (Green)
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