Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise Brawl Legends
Secondary Franchise Klio
Dojo is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on Brawl Legends and Klio.

There is an achievement available if Lee Hatake uses his Crash-Attack, Soul Embrace, on this stage. The achievement is "The Chosen One Rises!".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage is set inside a large, two-story dojo that sits upon a hill in the center of Hidden Valley. The stage does not contain any additional platforms, although a flight of stairs on the left side allows players to fight on the second floor, upstairs. Jon Kurosaki and Rig can be seen in the background on the second floor sparring with each other. Stray energy and lightning attacks from the two will occasionally hit the players, causing a bit of knockback. A few of Rig's Ice Wolves will also attack the players during this phase.

Sometime during the match, the back wall and second floor of the stage will get sucked into a large portal that appears in the background. The portal will then explode, transforming the stage into The Void. The stage now consists of one solid floating platform. Shortly after the mash-up, the center part of the floor will break away and become The Unstable, which will occasionally fire a small homing eye blast or a large laser that covers the length of the stage. Eventually, Draco Tenshi will appear and use his scythe to repeatedly slash The Unstable, destroying it and returning the stage to the destroyed ruins of the dojo.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit


  • Dojo is the first stage revealed to represent a third-party franchise: Brawl Legends.
  • Draco destroying The Unstable by slashing it with his scythe is a reference to its defeat in Klio II: Final Hours, where Klio slashes it several times in the exact same fashion with his Zone Whip.
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