Explosive Tag
Explosive Tag
Official Sketch
Series of Origin Brawl Legends
Item Type Explosive
The Explosive Tag is an item from the Brawl Legends franchise. It is a small piece of paper that has been modified to serve as an explosive, using a form of alchemy. The modified tag is often attached to a projectile weapon, such as a small sai or even a rock, and is commonly used by the ninja of Hidden Valley for traps or as a last resort in battle. In Toshiko Crash-Up, the Explosive Tag is an Offense item.


The Crash-Up rendition of the Explosive Tag is a bit different from its Brawl Legends counterpart. Once it is picked up, the user may run around the stage with it. Pressing the Red button will cause the user to throw the tag. Once thrown, the tag will either slowly burn before detonation if it hits the ground, or explode on contact if it hits an opponent. Alternatively, players may also perform throws while wielding this item, causing them to attach it to their opponent. It will then explode after 3 seconds.

Also, players must be wary when using this item. Once it is picked up, the detonation countdown will begin, although it will not be shown. All explosive tags will detonate after a period of 6 seconds if they do not make contact with an opponent, and can also harm the user.


  • In the Brawl Legends series, Explosive Tags will automatically be thrown as they are not pick-up items, but are part of most character's arsenals, instead.
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