Fallen Lee
Unofficial Render
Title Fallen Lee
Series of Origin Brawl Legends
Based On Lee's corrupted future self from Shinobi Reborn
Unlocked At Level 25
Fallen Lee is an unlockable costume for Lee Hatake and is based on Lee Hatake's evil future self, Fallen Lee, from Brawl Legends: Shinobi Reborn. It is unlocked at Level 25.

Lee appears much older with pale skin and red eyes with a black scelera. He wears a large robed coat over chest armor, fingerless gauntlet-like gloves, and has longer, greying black hair with a blue tint.


In an alternate timeline, all of Lee's allies were killed during their battle with The Fallen and Hidden Valley was completely annihilated. He was able to defeat the Fallen by using a technique known as Chikara Equinox, sealing the Fallen's power inside of himself while rendering The Fallen weak and powerless. Lee killed the Fallen, but could not revive his friends. With the help of Daisuke Jikoku, Lee travelled to the past to prepare himself to fight The Fallen, posing as Lee's childhood mentor, Gomakashi. However, as the years passed, Lee began to become currupted by the Fallen's powers, and threatened to attack Hidden Valley. He was later killed by his younger self, and with his dying breath, he revealed his past to the younger Lee and told him The Fallen's weakness before passing on what little strength he had left.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • His default appearance.
  • White coat, armor, and gloves with Black patterns, Normal skin, Dark Gray eyes, and Black hair
  • Blue coat, armor, and gloves with White patterns, Tan skin, Blue eyes, and White hair
  • Red coat, armor, and gloves with Yellow patterns, Normal skin, Brown eyes, and Brown hair


  • Despite being labeled as Lee's "evil" future self, Fallen Lee is really a hero who was corrupted by an evil power.
  • It is unknown what became of Inferno and Yoi in this Lee's timeline.
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