Greek Bust
Unofficial Art
Franchise Jack the Reaper
Voiced By Unknown
The Greek Bust is a minor character from the Jack the Reaper franchise. It's the stone head of a Greek philosopher that resides at the Museum of Natural History. After Samhain raised the dead, the Greek Bust comes to life. The statue has a nasty and sadistic sense of humor, constantly taunting and insulting Jack and Spooks.

Connection to Crash-UpEdit

In Toshiko Crash-Up, the Greek Bust sits in the background of the Museum stage, taunting players in the match. It has a unique line of dialogue for each character. It will only insult characters that are currently in the match.

Greek Bust TauntsEdit

  • Goop: "I know what shape you are. I believe they call it...a square."
  • Wabbit: "Silly rabbit. Dignity is for those who are not pink rabbits."
  • Klio: "You're psychic? Guess what I'm thinking about your headband."
  • Fidlak: "Come now, child. You're dragon this show along."
  • Color-Robo: "No color here, I'm afraid. Unless you enjoy white."
  • Spiffy: "So you're a dinosaur, eh? You may be displayed in this museum soon."
  • Bruce Blake: "I can't quite understand you, sir. Please, see a speech therapist."
  • Needleman: "I see you're speechless. Perfect."
  • Bing: "Oh, Mr. Inventor! My friend Socrates called. He wants his ideas back."
  • Zookeeper Zane: "Perhaps you like animals...a little too much?"
  • Jack and Spooks: "Time for our least-favorite reaper to show us what he does best: fail."
  • Wally Jackson: "You were a soldier? Have you ever heard of the Grecian Army?"
  • Tawnya: "Hello, madame. Would you like to cavort with the Greeks of old?"
  • Mysterious Shadow: "Purple isn't exactly the most intimidating color. That would be plaid."
  • King Grex: "Well, king, what do you plan to do? Ham me to death?"
  • Emperor Kranos: "There's a fine line between scary and insane. You've shattered that line."
  • Ollie: "How can something so adorable be so....horrific?"
  • Frogrump: "Come over here, you ruffian. I've got your Rainbow Connection right here!"
  • Jay Donovan: "You were a father? You're not exactly daddy material..."
  • Skin Daddy: "Your special hair? What conditioner do you use?"
  • Dr. Derwiff: "Where exactly did you get your doctorate, my good sir?"
  • Elizabeth Bennett: "Ah, a proper lady. We don't get many of those here."
  • Duke of Zorn: "So you're a duke? ....Do you even know what a duke is?"
  • Nantres: "Son of a cray-cray."
  • Kappard: "All of this over a cucumber?"
  • T.E.D.: "I feel I should respect you for some purpose......but I'm not going to. Pansy."
  • Lee Hatake: "I see you talk to your hand. Perhaps you should"
  • Gabriel Lupus: "You call yourself a supernatural creature?"
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