Intros act as an introduction to a character at the beginning of a match. While all characters have default introductions, there are also various unlockable intros that allow characters to customize which intros their characters use.

List of IntrosEdit


  • Dropping In: Goop flies onto the stage using his Wing form.
  • Level Begin!: Goop leaps out of a Gooptar Hole.
  • Hi Ho, Draclo!: Goop rides in onto the stage on Draclo and leaps off.
  • Magic Fingertips: Goop spins a Magic Opal on his fingertips.


  • I'm Ready For You: Klio turns around and poses as his hands radiate with Light Zone energy.
  • Brawler: Klio falls from the sky and slams his Zone Wand on the ground.
  • Oracle's Savior: Klio materializes from a bright white light.
  • Zone Fighter: Klio moves a boulder out from in front of him with Zone Quake.


  • Dance Party: Spiffy does his Victory Dance from Spiffy Party.
  • Choo Choo: Spiffy rides onstage on Steampunk.
  • Do Me A Favor: Spiffy pops out of a Party Sphere.
  • Fly Guy: Spiffy flies onstage.

Jay DonovanEdit

  • Time for Action: Jay walks onstage and reloads his pistol.
  • Let's Do It: Kneeling on one knee, Jay stands up.
  • Good At This: Jay spins his pistol on his finger.
  • Incognito: Jay pulls off his monster disguise's mask.


  • Stealth Approach: Tawnya falls onto the stage and sneaks up to the camera.
  • Girl Power: Tawnya struts onstage with her hands on her hips.
  • Inner Energy: Tawnya stands up, having been meditating on the ground.
  • Power Girl: Tawnya falls from the sky and strikes a pose.

The Skin DaddyEdit

  • Static Entrance: Skin Daddy stands in the distance and teleports forward.
  • Floater: Skin Daddy floats on-stage above the ground.
  • Revelation: Skin Daddy holds his hand in front of his face, only to reveal his eyes between his fingers.
  • Enter: Skin Daddy floats out of a hole in the ground.

King GrexEdit

  • Minion Master: Grex is brought onstage on a bed carried by Moki and Shelldon.
  • Magic Staff: Grex thrusts his scepter into the air.
  • Bad Boss: Shelldon laughs and Grex smacks him on the back of the head.
  • I Am Grex!: Grex laughs maniacally.

Jack and SpooksEdit

  • Getting Ahead: Jack bows, causing his head to fall off while Spooks tries to retrieve.
  • Blunderworld: Jack and Spooks leap out of Jack's hat, which is sitting on the stage.
  • Friendly Fiends: Jack and Spooks high-five.
  • Scary Crow: Jack wakes up from his scarecrow pile and poses for battle.

Lee HatakeEdit

  • Determination: Lee smirks as his eyes and right ring glow red and orange, respectively.
  • Chaotic Spirit: Lee radiates blue and orange auras as his spirits materialize.
  • Just Another Battle: Lee stretches and says "This won't take long."
  • The Chosen One: Lee creates a staff from his rings and swings it around.