An item is an object featured in Toshiko Crash-Up that appears during matches that characters can pick up and use. Each item has varying uses that effect the gameplay; they all also originate from various Toshiko franchises. There are 18 total items.


Item Franchise
Magic Opal Goop's World
Meteorite Kaiju Karnage!!!
Radioactive Waste Kaiju Karnage!!!
Bomb Jr. Goop's World
Heavenly Elixir Trinity
Shrink Ray Origin
Light Zone Crystal Klio
Rocket Skates Stay Tooned
Spirit Bottle Jack the Reaper
Explosive Tag Brawl Legends
Bansheep Jack the Reaper
Ethal's Syringe Nightfall
Party Sphere Spiffy
Smoke Bomb Dead of Night
Life Fruit Goop's World
Calorie Ball Origin
Black Hole Gun Goop's World
Snowman Gun Goop's World

Item TypesEdit


Offensive items are used to directly damage an opponent. Offensive items include:


Supports items are used to raise the abilities or stats of the player who uses it. Support items include:


Hinderance items are used to lower the abilities or stats of anyone who falls victim to the item. Hinderance items include:


Explosive items cause some sort of explosion and can affect multiple opponents. Explosive items include:

Other ItemsEdit


Bansheep · Black Hole Gun · Bomb Jr. · Calorie Ball · Ethal's Syringe · Explosive Tag · Heavenly Elixir · Life Fruit · Light Zone Crystal · Magic Opal · Meteorite · Party Sphere · Radioactive Waste · Rocket Skates · Shrink Ray · Smoke Bomb · Snowman Gun · Spirit Bottle

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