Jack the Reaper
Unofficial Logo
Platform PC
Genre Action, Hack-N-Slash
Developer Toshiko Games
Designer Justin Wolfe
Number of Games 3
Jack the Reaper is a video game franchise developed by Toshiko Games. It is a series of hack-n-slash action games starring a young reaper named Jack O. Lantern and his ghostly sidekick Spooks as they protect the world from various ghostly threats. The game's tagline is "Saving Your Hide From The Other Side".

Jack the Reaper GamesEdit

  • Jack the Reaper
  • Jack II: Turning Japanese
  • Jack III: Army of Spirits^

^ Jack III: Army of Spirits is actually going to be developed by Outsider Entertainment, not Toshiko Games.

Connections to Toshiko Crash-UpEdit


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