Jon Kurosaki
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Franchise Brawl Legends
Voiced By Unknown
Jonouchi "Jon" Kurosaki is a major supporting character from the Brawl Legends franchise, and is one of Lee Hatake's most trusted allies. Years after training to master both samurai and ninja techniques, Jon was tasked with finding the Chosen One to prevent the destruction of the world by a being known as The Fallen.

Connection to Crash-UpEdit

In Toshiko Crash-Up, Jon appears on the upper level of Dojo where he takes part in a sparring session with Rig. As the two battle, some of their attacks will stray from each other and attack the players. Jon's attacks include the Raikiri Tensho, an energy technique in which he fires black and red lightning from his sword, and Ziro Inazuma, a lightning-enhanced beam that he fires from his fingertips. After the stage transforms, Jon and Rig disappear, and are not seen again for the rest of the match.

Jon also appears at the beginning of Lee's arcade story, alongside Rig. He arrives to tell Lee of strange creatures making their way into a town near Hidden Valley, and assists Rig in fighting off the threat as Lee makes his way to the source of the disturbance. He later reappears in Lee's ending, after he and the ninja of Hidden Valley successfully drive off the threat.

Jon appears as one of Lee's unlockable Icons.


  • Jon is a member of Lee Hatake's team. He joined Lee and moved to Hidden Valley after the defeat of The Fallen.
  • Jon previously lived with his older brother, Hachiro, due to his father being incarcerated and his mother dying years before.
  • After Hachiro was killed by Draco Tenshi, Jon was given the sword his brother once wielded, unaware that it hosted a powerful spirit within. From this point onward, he was left in the care of a nearby samurai clan.
  • Jon, along with all other Brawl Legends characters, is playable in the Brawl Legends series.
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