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Platform PC
Genre Action, Beat-Em-Up, Platformer
Developer Toshiko Games
Designer Justin Wolfe
Number of Games 2
Klio is one of Toshiko's flagship franchises. It is a series of action/platformers with beat-em-up elements. The franchise stars the titular Klio, a Zone Master who can control the Zone, a magical force that surrounds all living things. He protects his homeland through two different timelines.

Klio GamesEdit

  • Klio
  • Klio II: Final Hours

Connections to Toshiko Crash-UpEdit

  • Klio, Mysterious Shadow, and Duke of Zorn are featured as playable characters.
  • Stormrock City has Klio as its primary franchise, and Dojo has it as its secondary franchise.
  • The Light Zone Crystal appears as an Item.
  • Oracle, the Dark Barbarian, and Dorana appear as Minions.


  • Klio is tied with Dead of Night for the least amount of items for a franchise with multiple characters.

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