There are various modes that can be played in Toshiko Crash-Up. All modes are unlocked from the beginning.


Practice ModeEdit

In Practice Mode, players can test their favorite characters in any stage in an unlimited time limit. The AI of the opponents can be set to:

  • Stand
  • Jump
  • Double Jump
  • Walk
  • Block
  • Attack
  • CPU
  • Player

Players can also spawn items at will.

Tutorial ModeEdit

In Tutorial Mode, players can take step-by-step tutorials for each character, learning all of their moves and combos. Players can also learn the basics of the game.

Battle ModeEdit

In Battle Mode, players can take on other players, online or offline. The various permuations that can be set are:

  • 1-On-3
  • 2-On-2
  • 2-On-1-On-1
  • 1-On-2
  • Free-for-All

They can also play different types of matches, including Time Limit, Stock, and Kill Limit.

Duel ModeEdit

Duel Mode is almost the same as Battle Mode; the only difference is that Duel Mode is exclusively 1-On-1. The winner of the fight says a Winning Quote at the end.

Tournament ModeEdit

Tournament Mode allows player to compete in online tournaments held monthly.

Arcade ModeEdit

Arcade Mode is a single player mode. It begins with the selected character's opening cutscene, and proceeds to lead the player though four timed fights (1 two-fighter, 1 three-fighter, and 2 four-fighter matches), followed by two 3 kill-limit matches. The selected character then encounters their respective Rival and confronts them in a 3 live stock match. Following this, the player confronts the final boss, The Great Mighty Spiral, with four lives. Upon his defeat, the ending cutscene is shown, followed by the credits.

Drone ModeEdit

Drone Mode is a multiplayer mode that can be played on any stage. Players compete to destroy as many drone enemies that spawn on the stage as they can. The player who destroys the most wins the round.

Trial ModeEdit

Trial Mode is a single-player mode where the player must complete a unique challenge or objective with each character.