Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise Jack the Reaper
Secondary Franchise Nightfall
Museum is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on Jack the Reaper and Nightfall.

There is an achievement available if Jack and Spooks uses his Crash-Attack, Rune of Samhain, on this stage. The achievement is "The Bell Tolls For Thee".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage is set in the Museum of Natural History from Jack the Reaper. The stage consists of a large grounded platform with a slightly raised area on either side. The left wall of the stage has two balcony-like platforms, one above the other. A Greek Bust sits on the right side of the stage near the wall. Occasionally, a Dragonfly or Pollution will fly by in the background, chasing a museum patron across the background. The main hazard in this phase of the match is Ernie the Pest, who will occasionally crawl on the walls and ceiling, damaging anyone he crawls into.

Sometime during the match, Ernie will leave the stage and Benjamin Ethal will walk into the background of the stage, seemingly watching the players fight. After about 8 seconds of inactivity, he will pull a cylinder-shaped canister from his pocket, and insert it into an air duct. He then puts on a gas mask, and a gas form of his nightmare toxin will flood the stage. The players will be gassed and start having nightmarish visions of the characters in the background. For example, the walls of the museum will turn into peeling, rusty, metal. Ethal will become a giant, terrifying version of himself, as well as the ghosts, and smash a hole into the floor. Ethal is now a stage hazard, and can change the layout of the stage. Eventually, the drug wears off as Ernie sneaks up behind Ethal and devours him whole.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit


  • The Greek Bust has a unique insult for each character.
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