Voiced By Unknown
Franchise Origin
Appears In Toshiko Crash-Up
Debut Origin
Rival King Grex
Minion Dummy Bear

Ollie is the main protagonist and hero of the Origin series and is a playable character in Toshiko Crash-Up. His in-game rival is King Grex.



When dragons live in a world with penguin ninjas, you can be sure there's a Mannekid nearby. Small wooden toys imbued with the power to create entire worlds with their Magic Wrenches, Mannekids frolick in the land of Obalon. Their wildest imaginations instantly become their wildest realities, and they can populate worlds with their dreams or their nightmares. No creation is too complex and no challenge is too big.


  • Origin



Ollie's story begins in the land of Obalon. Ollie is frolicking at Obalon HQ with a few other Mannekids. As they play, the Evil Warlock appears through a portal and deletes the platform Ollie is standing on, sending him plummeting into the abyss below. As Ollie falls, the Evil Warlock begins to enslave all of Obalon. Ollie saves himself from the impact of the ground by creating a giant pillow below him.


Name: King Grex

Reason: As Ollie skips through the Rival Arena, he comes across King Grex. The monarch, at first, tells him to go away. Ollie decides he wants to play with Grex and summons several large heavy objects to drop on Grex in a playful manner. Grex becomes impressed and decides that having a creature that can summon up objects at will on his side could be useful. Ollie continues to "play" with Grex, causing Grex to get enraged and attack.

Connection: King Grex and Ollie both have magical abilties that require the use of an object (Ollie's Magic Wrench and Grex's scepter). Their size difference may be a Big Vs Little motif, as well as a Good Vs Evil motif. King Grex also appears as a costume in Origin.


After defeating The Great Mighty Spiral, Ollie returns back to Obalon HQ and uses his Magic Wrench to summon a large dinosaur, which devours the Evil Warlock in one gulp. Ollie and the other Mannekids then celebrate with a picnic.


For information on Ollie's gameplay and moveset, click here to view the Ollie Gameplay page.

Quotes and TauntsEdit


  • Knock on Wood: Taps himself on the head with his Magic Wrench
  • Puppy Dog Eyes: Ollie summons a Puppy and pets it.
  • Piece of Cake: Summons a piece of cake, sits down, and eats it.


  • When Selected:
    • "Yoof!"
    • "Whee!"
    • "Yay!"
  • Pre-Match:
    • "Wah!"
  • Item Pick-Up:
    • "Eee!"
    • "Bay!"
  • Successful KO:
    • "Bye!"
    • "Aloo!"
  • Respawn:
    • "Squee!"
    • "Day!"
  • Taunt:
    • "Loo!"

Intros and OutrosEdit


  • Customize: The Magic Wrench turns a blank Mannekid into Ollie.
  • Spintro: Ollie pops out of a Portle and spins around.
  • Flip Happy: Ollie pops out of a Portle and does a backflip.
  • Silly Bubble: Ollie pops out of a Portle and releases some bubbles.

Winning ScreenEdit

  • Winner: Ollie creates a trophy and holds it up.
  • Flippy: Ollie does a backflip.
  • Victory: Ollie does a victory dance.
  • Wrench Boy: Ollie thrusts his Magic Wrench into the air.

Losing ScreenEdit

  • If using Winner: Ollie jumps into a Portle sadly.
  • If using Flippy: Ollie accidentally hits himself with his Magic Wrench.
  • If using Victory: Ollie cries and waves his arms.
  • If using Wrench Boy: Ollie sits down and pouts.

Result ScreenEdit

  • Win: Ollie raises his Magic Wrench into the air, like his artwork.
  • Lose: Ollie cries and sulks.

Theme MusicEdit



World CreatorEdit

The default appearance of Ollie.

  • His default appearance.
  • Light blue skin.
  • Yellow skin.
  • Light green skin.

Dragon SuitEdit

Ollie wears the buyable Dragon costume from Origin. This costume is unlocked at Level 10.

  • His default appearance.
  • Red dragon
  • Blue dragon
  • Yellow dragon

Zombie SuitEdit

Ollie wears the buyable Zombie costume from Origin. This costume is unlocked at Level 25.

  • His default appearance.
  • Black smock
  • White smock
  • Yellow and purple polka dot smock


  • Ollie is the only Origin character in Toshiko Crash-Up.
  • In the game's opening cinematic, the letter "O" is hightlighted orange.
  • Ollie puts on the Innertube accessory if he falls into water.
  • Ollie's last three intros (Spintro, Flip Happy, and Silly Bubble) are all actual intros from Origin.
Playable Characters


  • Portrait
  • Dragon Suit
  • Zombie Suit