Unofficial Art
Used By Spiffy
Duration 14 Seconds
Party-Bot is a large robot used by Spiffy in the fights against Smolgor in the Spiffy series, and it serves as Spiffy's Crash-Attack in Toshiko Crash-Up. Spiffy hops into his red Party-Bot, pushes a couple of buttons, pulls a few levers, and hits the ignition button. Once the introduction cinematic ends, Spiffy can go on a rampage around the stage for 14 seconds.

The Party-Bot has two attacks: a Bounco-Ball Blaster and a stomp attack. Press the Right Trigger to fire three Bounco-Balls. These balls will bounce on the ground for a short bit. They don't do any damage, but they stun opponents temporarily. To score kills, Spiffy must use his stomp attack, which can be activated by the Red, Yellow, and Green Buttons.


  • Bounco-Ball Blaster (Right Trigger)
  • Stomp Attack (Red Button, Yellow Button, Green Button)
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