Petunia Forest
Unofficial Art
Primary Franchise Goop's World
Secondary Franchise Zoo Palace
Petunia Forest is a stage in Toshiko Crash-Up that is based on Goop's World and Zoo Palace.

There is an achievement available if Goop uses his Crash-Attack, Beast Goop, on this stage. The achievement is "Beast Mode".

Stage DescriptionEdit

The stage is set in the middle of the Petunia Forest. The stage consists of a long platform that acts as the ground. The stage has a large tree wall on either side of the screen that creates a closed arena. Snaptrap overlooks the fighters. After a few seconds, Snaptrap will begin to attack the players, slamming his vines down onto the stage. He'll also try to bite players that are standing in the center of the stage.

Sometime during the match, several wooden platforms will appear in the background, and a troop of Zoo Palace monkeys will take a stand on them. In the background, the monkeys will attack Snaptrap by throwing rocks at him. Snaptrap will switch between attacking the monkeys and the fighters. The monkeys will sometimes miss the giant plant, and their showers of rocks will hit the stage and serve as a stage hazard. Eventually Snaptrap will be defeated by the monkeys after being hit by an enormous boulder thrown by a gorilla.

Characters Appearing in StageEdit


  • If Tawnya uses her Crash-Attack in Petunia Forest, Snaptrap will be seen strapped to the tree in the background for the duration of the attack.
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