Reaper Robes
Unofficial Art
Title Reaper Robes
Series of Origin Jack the Reaper
Based On The official reaper robes from Jack II: Turning Japanese
Unlocked At Level 25
Reaper Robes is an unlockable costume for Jack and Spooks and is based on the official reaper robes that Jack wears in Jack II: Turning Japanese. It is unlocked at Level 25.


Throughout Jack II: Turning Japanese, Jack Lantern wears the official reaper robe that he recieves at the end of Jack the Reaper.

Alternate ColorsEdit

  • His default appearance.
  • White robes.
  • Red robes.
  • Green robes.


  • The white color swap for the Reaper Robes is a reference to the Onryo from Jack II: Turning Japanese.
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