Result screens are the showing of the characters when the match is concluded after all of the outros are finished. Like outros, the characters are shown either celebrating their victory or looking defeated.

Screens by CharacterEdit


  • Win: Goop crosses his arms and smirks.
  • Lose: Goop looks down with a sad expression.


  • Win: Klio's right hand radiates with pink energy as he stares at the camera.
  • Lose: Klio looks down with a sad expression.


  • Win: Spiffy smiles and dances.
  • Lose: Spiffy looks down and sniffs in sadness.

Jay DonovanEdit

  • Win: Jay stands, nodding his head and smirking.
  • Lose: Jay clutches his head in pain.


  • Win: Tawnya waves to the camera and smiles.
  • Lose: Tawnya frowns and looks down.

Skin DaddyEdit

  • Win: Skin Daddy stares directly at the screen as a pair of floating eyes.
  • Lose: A vaguely humanoid cloud of static floats.

King GrexEdit

  • Win: Grex does an evil grin and stares at the camera.
  • Lose: Grex crosses his arms in frustration.

Emperor KranosEdit

  • Win: Silas crosses his arms and laughs maniacally.
  • Lose: Silas's dome is cracked and his eyes are out.

Jack and SpooksEdit

  • Win: Jack and Spooks pose back-to-back with their arms crossed.
  • Lose: Jack looks sad as Spooks cowers underneath Jack's hat.


  • Win: Ollie raises his Magic Wrench into the air, like his artwork.
  • Lose: Ollie cries and sulks.

Zookeeper ZaneEdit

  • Win: Zane puts his hands on his hips and smiles at the camera.
  • Lose: Zane holds the spray bottle out and occasionally sprays himself.

Lee HatakeEdit

  • Win: Lee stands victoriously with his arms crossed, smirking as his rings glow.
  • Lose: Lee's eyes glow red as he is seen with his arms crossed in anger.