Rig Ryujinki
Early Artwork
Franchise Brawl Legends
Voiced By Unknown
Reiji "Rig" Ryujinki is a major supporting character from the Brawl Legends franchise, and is one of Lee Hatake's childhood friends. He grew up in Hidden Valley and trained to be a ninja alongside Lee. He specializes in water and ice-based techniques, and can focus his senses to detect an enemy's vital points, as well as sense their energy.

Connection to Crash-UpEdit

In Toshiko Crash-Up, Rig appears on the upper level of Dojo where he takes part in a sparring session with Jon Kurosaki. As the two battle, some of their attacks will stray from each other and attack the players. Most of Rig's attacks involve summoning his Ice Wolves and close-quartered melee, making his Ice Wolves the only real threat to players. After the stage transforms, Jon and Rig disappear, and are not seen again for the rest of the match.

Rig also appears at the beginning of Lee's arcade story, alongside Jon. He is seen sparring with Lee as Jon arrives, warning them of strange creatures making their way into a town near Hidden Valley, and assists Jon in fighting off the threat as Lee makes his way to the source of the disturbance. He later reappears in Lee's ending, after he, Jon, and the ninja of Hidden Valley successfully drive off the threat.

Rig appears as one of Lee's unlockable Icons.


  • Despite water and ice being his main element, Rig also utilizes lightning attacks just like Lee and Jon.
  • In the unofficial manga, Rig's name was Rig Hyuga.
  • Rig's eyes are light gray, and one would assume that he is blind. This actually isn't the case, as Rig actually can see, and has better vision than any other character in Brawl Legends.
  • Rig, along with all other Brawl Legends characters, is playable in the Brawl Legends series.
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