Rune of Samhain
Unofficial Art
Used By Jack and Spooks
Duration 12 Seconds
Rune of Samhain is Jack and Spooks' Crash-Attack in Toshiko Crash-Up. Jack gains the power of the Rune of Samhain. After the introduction cinematic, Jack can go on a scoring spree with a new moveset given to him by the demon, Samhain.

Jack's moveset completely changes for the duration of the attack. The Red Button will cause Jack to summon a flock of bats that kills anyone around him. The Yellow Button will cause Jack to fire a green laser out of the rune straight up at a 90 degree angle, killing anyone directly above him. The Green Button will cause Jack to fire a green ectoplasmic sphere in an arc.


  • Bat Swarm (Red)
  • Green Sky Laser (Yellow)
  • Ecto-Sphere (Green)
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