Each character in Toshiko Crash-Up has a signature color. The color appears in each character's first background as a pattern of wavy energy. It also appears the background of each character's portrait on the character select screen.

Signature ColorsEdit

Character Color
Goop Purple
Wabbit Pink
Klio Light Pink
Fidlak Jatede Light Brown
Color-Robo Light Gray
Spiffy Dark Green
Bruce Blake Brick Red
Jay Donovan Black
Bing Silver
Zookeeper Zane Tan
Tawnya Navy Blue
Wally Jackson Blonde
Needleman Rust
King Grex Yellow
Jack and Spooks Baby Blue
Ollie White
Dr. Derwiff Muddy Green
Mysterious Shadow Dark Purple
Emperor Kranos Cyan
Frogrump Orange
Skin Daddy Static
Nantres Dark Brown
Duke of Zorn Red
Kappard Muddy Yellow
Elizabeth Bennett Auburn
T.E.D. Bluish-Green
Gabriel Lupus Brown
Lee Hatake Reddish-Orange