Zone Master
Unofficial Art
Used By Klio
Duration 12 Seconds
Zone Master is Klio's Crash-Attack that he uses in Toshiko Crash-Up. It is inspired by Klio's final transformation during the final boss fight of Klio II: Final Hours. Klio rises into the air and becomes his Zone Master form before materializing his Zone Master Whip. Once the introduction cinematic ends, Klio can go on an aerial rampage with his abilities and Zone Whip for 12 seconds.

Klio's moveset changes completely for the duration of the attack. He now can fly indefinitely for the duration of the attack. The Red Button will cause Klio to slash forward with his Zone Whip, covering half the length of a stage. The Yellow Button will cause Klio to slash in an arc upwards. The Green Button will cause Klio to fire an enormous blast of pink and purple energy straight downwards.


  • Whip Slash (Red)
  • Upwards Whip Slash (Yellow)
  • Downwards Blast (Green)
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