Zane is a unique fighter because he doesn't really fight himself, except for his Red Button attacks. His Yellow and Green Button attacks involve summoning various Zoo Palace animals to attack FOR Zane. Most of these animals move autonomously, allowing Zane to summon multiple animals at once.

Zane is a relatively fast character in terms of movement speed, and his Red Button attacks are pretty fast. Unlike Goop or Spiffy, Zane can not glide.


Red Button (Basic)Edit

  • Broom Swing (R): Zane swings forward with his broom. He can perform this three times for a three hit combo, the third hit of which causes a knockdown reaction.
  • Spray Bottle (<---> + R): Zane sprays forward with a squirt bottle. The range on this attack is "abysmal"; you must be practically touching your opponent to connect. However, it does surprisingly quite a bit of damage and causes a Confusion effect.
  • Shovel Uppercut (Up + R): Zane does a relatively quick uppercut with his trusty metal shovel. This has more knockback than most Red Button moves and does a ton of damage. It also comes out a bit slow, though.
  • Sweepy Time (Down + R): Zane pulls his broom out and begins sweeping the floor, sweeping up debris. Anyone this debris hits flinches and gets a tiny push away from Zane.

Yellow Button (Strong)Edit

  • Lion Charge (Y): Zane summons an African Lion, which autonomously charges forward for a short distance before disappearing. The lion only remains onstage for about 1 second, so its range isn't terrific.
  • Flyin' Rhino (<---> + Y): This is an unorthodox attack. A large White Rhinoceros appears behind Zane, charges into him, and sends him flying, turning him into a human projectile, damaging any opponent he flies into.
  • Monkey Flip (Up + Y): A Capuchin Monkey appears on a branch that spawns above Zane. Zane grabs the monkey's hands and gets thrown into the air by the simian. This does no damage at all but is excellent for mobility.
  • Hippo Drop (Down + Y): Zane hops up, spawns a Hippopotamus, and allows it to smash the ground beneath him. This attack is best used while in mid-air, as the hippo picks up speed as it falls.

Green (Unique)Edit

  • Velociraptor (G): This is one of Zane's best attacks. Zane summons a vicious Velociraptor, which will autonomously roam the stage for 8 seconds. Upon reaching a victim, the raptor will maul them, which takes a total of three seconds.
  • Monkey Toss (<---> + G): Zane throws Cheeko forward. Cheeko will latch onto the target, reversing their controls temporarily for a Confusion effect.
  • Octopus Toss (Up + G): Zane throws a Mimic Octopus forward. This is effectively Zane's counter. It requires precise timing to pull it off, but releasing the octopus at the same time as you're being attacking by a melee attack will counter the melee attack's damage.
  • Kangaroo Kick (Down + G): A Kangaroo appears, Zane leaps into its pouch, and the kangaroo kicks forward once. This attack has insane knockback and is very powerful at the cost of a slow start-up.

Throws (Right Control Stick)Edit

  • Zebra Kick (Right Stick Side): A Plains Zebra appears and kicks the opponent away.
  • Dolphin Blowhole (Right Stick Up): A dolphin appears and launches the opponent up via a water geyser from its blowhole.
  • Gorilla Slam (Right Stick Down): A Mountain Gorilla appears and bodyslams the opponent.

Crash-Attack (Left Trigger + Right Trigger)Edit

  • Caged In: Zane traps all opponents in cages and rides a tiger to cause havoc!

Bread-n-Butter CombosEdit

  • Broom Swipe x2 + Shovel Uppercut
  • Sweepy Time + Hippo Drop
  • Velociraptor + Kangaroo Kick (while the raptor is mauling an opponent)